Exercise 1

Find the English equivalents to the following words:

Руйнувати здоров”я, наповнювати, спалювати, сприяти, ожиріння, очищений (рафінований), пухнастий, кондитерські вироби, велика кількість, незбиране молоко, забезпечувати, серцево-судинний, споживання, тканина, піддавати обробці, натрій, добавка, молочний цукор, живильний мікроелемент, обмежувати, борошнистий, харчування, підтримувати, тягар, несприятливо.


‘Food and you’

Listen to a radio programme about fast food and complete the missing information in the tables. For part A write the numbers you hear. For part B tick everything mentioned.


Number of fast food outlets in UK
Total daily amount of calories
Recommended daily amount of fat (%)
Amount of fat in portion of fish and chips
Amount of fat in portion of pizza
Amount of salt in hamburgers


Vitamins A B1 B2 B6 B12 C E iron zinc protein calcium
Fish and chips
Chicken and chips
Jacket potato
Milk shake
Pizza (cheese and tomato)

— Speaking

Discuss the following questions:

1. What is the expert’s opinion of fast food?

2. What about you?

3. What kind of food is eaten a lot in our country?

4. What is a balanced diet?

5. How does diet affect your health?

6. Have you changed your diet recently?

7. How careful are you about having a well-balanced or a calorie-controlled diet?

8. How healthy do you think healthfoods really are?

9. We should all ‘eat, drink and be merry’. Do you agree?